Is a food addiction making you fat? Conquer your cravings!
Have you ever been told that losing weight is all about willpower? That all you have to do is watch your portions and eat less? Well, here's the truth: For many people, that "advice" isn't just wrong — it's irresponsible.

Why? Because typical weight loss advice doesn't work if you have a food addiction. In fact, it only leaves you feeling like a big fat failure. If that sounds familiar, you're probably a food addict.

"Science has proven that food addiction is every bit as powerful and painful as one to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, or a serious gambling problem," says Dr. Pamela Peeke, weight loss physician and author of THE HUNGER FIX. "And for a food addict, even something as innocent as a single chocolate or a small bag of chips can be toxic and destructive to your mind and body."
Why your weight is not your fault! You can't just eat one!
Some of the food-addiction warning signs:
Dr. Pam Peeke
If you can relate to any one or more of these symptoms above, don't despair.
In THE HUNGER FIX, Dr. Peeke shows you how to eliminate your addictive hunger — and effortlessly lose those stubborn pounds. The secret: You'll discover how to finally conquer your cravings for your "False Fixes" — dangerously addictive foods that lead to a vicious cycle of overeating, disappointment, and weight gain.
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  Much like the detoxing programs for other types of addicts, THE HUNGER FIX’s three-stage strategy helps you improve the health of your body and mind for a plan that really works — not just for a few weeks, but for life! With this simple program, you'll:
Remember that advertising campaign? The slogan wasn’t just marketing hype; it was the truth. That’s because food manufacturers use neuroscience to create products that are indeed irresistible. Once you take a bite, your brain chemistry starts to change — so that you literally can’t just eat one chip, cookie, or chocolate.

Over time, chronic exposure to these types of “False Fix” foods leads to “False Hunger.” “You think it’s hunger, but it’s actually a craving for your next fix,” says Dr. Peeke. “Eat the wrong foods, and you’ll never be satisfied.” In fact, the more you eat of these False Fixes, the more your brain craves them — becoming like an itch you just can’t scratch.

What’s more, recent studies have shown that food can hijack your brain’s reward system, meaning that overweight people have to eat more to experience the same reward or “high” as average-weighted people.

Your solution: THE HUNGER FIX. This cutting-edge guide will show you how to eliminate your food obsession for good and break the vicious cycle that has claimed your body and mind for too long.
Get healthy, Slim & energized in just 3 steps!
Drop unwanted weight and reshape your figure — effortlessly! Once Dr. Peeke shows you how to master your hunger impulses, you’ll start to lose your excess flab quickly — without feeling deprived.

Identify the foods that are hindering your weight loss! You’ll see how certain foods — the False Fix foods that you probably crave — set you up for failure, and then discover how to defeat them for good.

Discover fun but quick cardio exercises that can actually increase your brain’s release of serotonin! Dr. Peeke’s approach to healthy at-home activity gives you never-ending energy — not never-ending workouts!
Get healthy, Slim & energized in just 3 steps!
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An average customer who follows this plan should expect a safe weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.
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